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The US IVLP for Journalists and Other News Updates

There is a lot to tell you after a break from writing, dating to recent changes in my life. First, I had to come with a career shifting decision and resign from Kuwait Times newspaper. Then in May, I joined the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP); the Edward R. Marrow program for journalists; research and investigation, presented by the US Department of State and organized by the World Learning Organization.

Shut Up and Shoot: The Importance of Street Photography in Kuwait

The scene is quiet. A tall Kuwaiti man crosses his hands, a Leica camera hanging from a strap from his shoulder to the side of his waist. He’s chatting with the man behind the counter, an older Arab date vendor, about the future of Souq Mubarakiya. The former is Khaled Al-Abdul Mughni, a prominent Kuwaiti street photographer and a businessman who, on that morning, was turning his lens to the troubles and delights found in one of Kuwait’s oldest markets.

The dying art of shoemaking in Kuwait

You are hit by the strong smell of leather and dyes and sounds of wiping, polishing and sewing machines all working all at the same time when you enter the small shoe repair shop. Everyone there is busy working. The top shelves are loaded with numbered plastic bags. On one side of the shop, there’s a long bench for customers to sit while they wait for quick service, while on the other, there’s Kumar.