The Visual Art of Advertising in Ramadan

On the streets of Kuwait, sidewalks that are supposed to be pedestrianized are crowded by billboards. Some of these are annoying to the extent that we marvel about the fictitious amount of money spent on these campaigns. Some of them make you sympathize with the advertising company due to the money wasted on a bad design. You wish you were personally consulted to offer some advice.

In Ramadan, advertisers compete over advertising spaces in Kuwait. Everyone is trying to add the spirit of Ramadan to their products, from cars to antacids. However, graphic design specialists realize that growth in innovation has not been impressive in the last five years, with advertisers continuing to commit the same technical and designing mistakes, which reflect a lack of knowledge of the visual aspect.

St. Solo Photography Exhibition on Street Life in England

As a journalist for Kuwait Times that covers culture and society, I am impressed by the tenacity of the rising art scene in Kuwait and by the growing spread of culture, artistic events, social gatherings and lectures, collective and personal exhibitions ñ including many that are not supported by official bodies. I admire the courage and dedication of those who dare to show their work, to make their passions come alive. And I am inspired by them to do the same for myself. To accomplish something that has meaning and interest for me personally. 

Kuwait’s famous ‘Gazelle Club’

Walking around, a rickety wall caught my eye. Broken glass was embedded at the top to prevent curious people, like myself, from sneaking into the empty yard behind it. However, it was accessible from the beach. On the side of the wall was a closed gate with a sign, smashed in a deliberate manner as if someone wanted to obliterate the memories of the place and its history.
Welcome to what was once called the Gazelle Club.

Mubarakiya Strike Against Rent Increase, A Happy Ending

There’s a local saying rolling in Kuwait, “Whenever you feel upset, go to Mubarakiya”.  But when I got there on Thursday morning, 16 of March, Anger and sadness overtook the cheerful soul of that place.  At Souq Al-Gharabally in Mubarakiya every single shop has been shut, including the fruits and veggie stalls, fisheries and butcheries on the day people come pilgrims from all Gulf countries because it marks the beginning of the weekend.  The first and top generation of traders and merchants of Mubarakiya closes their shops in a smash against the high rental cost that rises up to 500%.

The Women of Maha Al-Asaker

When you peek into the closet of a young woman, mostly you’d find posters, mementos and pictures of besties. It’s a life stage that ends with maturity. But Kuwaiti artist and photographer Maha Al-Asaker was an exception. She would stick a list of goals with estimated dates for accomplishing them. She knew just what she wanted, planned constantly to discover the limits of her capabilities and ended up working in New York.

Efforts to remove obstacles facing Sawaber renovation plans

The Al-Sawaber residential complex has become a part of the urban plan of Kuwait’s 2030 vision after the expropriation of its housing units. The move comes after Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anas Al-Saleh’s decision to support the expropriation in October last year. 

The 38-hectre complex in central Kuwait City features 470 residential units divided into 33 blocks. Surrounded by popular streets such as Ahmad Al-Jaber and Mubarak

re:food, A pioneering food bank in Kuwait

Can you imagine the fate of unsold food nearing the end of its shelf life?  At cooperative societies and supermarkets, food companies offer products at a discount before they expire. The rest end up incinerated or buried inlandfills. In Kuwait, solidwaste goes up each year by more than two million tons, 50 percent of which is foodstuff, according to a 2013 World Bank Report.

Books of Gold

Young people like to stand out from the crowd, showing off their talents or luxury possessions. But one teenage boy had a particularly unusual passion: Collecting old books and magazines. It was a passion that led to him own one of Kuwait’s largest collections of rare books.