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Yadawi: Kuwait’s creative collective

Anything hand crafted or worked by hand was respected and valued in her family. Unlike many in Kuwait, Lubna Saif Abbas grew up in a family that gardened, that baked and sewed and crafted and everyone pitched in creating in some way. Well known local artisan, beader and caretaker of the Yadawi studio and artisan collective, Lubna talked with Kuwait Times about the origins of her passion for artisanal work and creativity.

The dying art of shoemaking in Kuwait

You are hit by the strong smell of leather and dyes and sounds of wiping, polishing and sewing machines all working all at the same time when you enter the small shoe repair shop. Everyone there is busy working. The top shelves are loaded with numbered plastic bags. On one side of the shop, there’s a long bench for customers to sit while they wait for quick service, while on the other, there’s Kumar.